Our Beliefs

As important as it is, the best healing does more that simply ease the tensions of daily living. For more lasting change to occur, we need to tackle the deeper realities that drive our world and limit our choices. If we hope to escape life's seemingly endless cycle of anxiety and discontent, we need to recognize and come to grips with these forces.

At Garson Counseling, we work at two levels. We are dedicated to helping our clients feel better now. But we also offer an approach to living, Radical Decency, that deals with these deeper issues in a way that offers a concrete path to a life of greater meaning, ease, and vibrancy.

Radical Decency: A Brief Description

Our perspective on the deeper forces that define the context of our lives begins with a simple, stark fact: We live in a failed culture.

Why do we say this? Because a healthy culture would, at the very least, support us in being:

Decent to ourselves,

Decent to others,

Decent to the world.

Sadly – remarkably – our world fails to support any of these purposes. With its relentless emphasis on competition and winning, domination and control, our instinct to treat others – and ourselves – with compassion and caring is consigned to nights and weekends; the margins of our lives.

At Garson Counseling we seek to exactly reverse this equation, teaching an approach to living that focuses on decency in all that we do, in every context of living, and without exception – to ourselves, to others, and to the world.

The exciting news is that Radical Decency is a pathway to a richer, more vibrant life. As it becomes our habitual focus, it fosters an increased sense of:

Living in the present,
leading to less shame, guilt, and remorse about the past; less fear and anxiety about the future.

Appreciation, empathy, and acceptance of yourself and others,
leading to less judgment, jealousy, possessiveness, greed and need to control.

Clarity and coherence about your priorities and choices,
leading to less anxiety and to an increased sense of ease in life.

An ennobling sense of purpose,
leading to less hopelessness and mistrust, and to an increased sense of vibrancy, aliveness and pleasure in living.

In counseling, feeling better is job number one. But the most productive work is not just about relieving symptoms. We can only move beyond the painful thoughts and feelings that, too often, dominate our lives when they are replaced by a more hopeful vision.

Garson Counseling seeks to do both. We offer a variety of strategies for addressing our clients' anxieties and fears, even as we support them in creating a more vibrant sense of what their lives can become.

You can find out more about Radical Decency from the Eccoes Foundation web site. We also regularly publish Radical Decency Reflections. Please sign up to receive this by sending us a message from the Contact Us page.